Expert engineering for your non-profit
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Code for a Cause pairs small, expert teams of Next Jump engineers
with non-profits to help scale and build charitable products, free of charge.
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Code for a Cause has already helped numerous organizations with their engineering needs. Projects include donation vehicles, mobile analytics, reporting tools, content management systems, and more. Read More
Who we are
Code for a Cause, or CFAC pairs small expert teams of Next Jump engineers with non-profits to help scale and build charitable products over two week periods, free of charge. Our Team
open source on github
Our team has started to share our code as open source software. Our first open source project is a version of our Incentive Mentoring Program project named MeMeShare.
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Know a group in need of some engineering expertise? Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help accelerate your goals and scale your impact.
Why Code for a Cause?
Next Jump defines our culture as Better Me + Better You = Better Us. We strive to create an environment where Next Jumpers are always growing themselves and helping others, with the goal of creating a better world. Code for a Cause is one of our largest and oldest Better You initiatives.
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Latest Project: Aaron's Presents
Aaron's Presents offers grants, support and mentorship to children in the eighth grade or below who are willing to take the initiative to turn their thoughtful, creative ideas into reality. In the process, Aaron's Presents helps children realize that they have something valuable to give to the world at every age and every stage of life, and that giving of themselves for the benefit of others brings happiness, healing and purpose. In addition, identifying and pursuing their own passions are critical to unleashing their potential to contribute in positive, innovative and productive ways to society.
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