About the Next Jump Team
We believe in giving back from a place of strength - that's our top notch engineering team. We are the #1 destination for Computer Science grads on the east coast from schools like MIT, CMU, Princeton and Cornell. More than fast coding, we care about giving back - it's in our DNA. Each Next Jumper goes through a competitive application process to work on Code for a Cause team. Non-profits are matched with Next Jump's finest.
Teams dedicate two full weeks to code for a charitable cause, building web and mobile technologies and sustainable solutions. The work is done at no cost to the non-profit, as a way for Next Jumpers to give back and realize our mission of helping others do great things.
Charlie Kim
Next Jumper since 1994
Rebecca Spitzer
Next Jumper since July, 2010
Purvi Patel
Next Jumper since May, 2013
Donna Yee
Next Jumper since July, 2011
Andreas Williams
Next Jumper since October, 2012
Nick Woolf
Next Jumper since June, 2014
Henry Wu
Next Jumper since June, 2010